Both my daughter (21) and my son (11) have attended Family Karate Center. Both gained confidence in themselves and have learned valuable skills that will benefit them all their lives. My son likes to play on electronics too much. I know that his karate classes, get him off the electronics and moving his body. He has gained strength and balance and has become much harder to tickle into submission. I love the way Sensai Gene and the other teachers motivate the students and teach while keeping things interesting and related to life situations. And I especially appreciate how this school teaches students the Japanese terms and the history behind the moves and the art. I have and will continue to recommend the Family Karate Center.

Megan G

Sensei Gene and Family Karate Center has been instrumental in helping us mold our son into a confident, physically strong, mature, and most importantly, respectful young man.

Sheldon and Melanie Jackson