Little Dragons Program

Our Tiny Tiger karate program for 7-9 year olds. We seek to build self-confidence, self defense skills, and a strong character.

karate-little-dragonsFor most students in this age range, this will be their first group activity. With that idea in mind, the emphasis is on attention span, listening, balance, motor skills, and working with a group.

We have been teaching children of this age group for many years, and believe our program really works. Watching students who started as Pee Wee’s, one can see the amazing degree of control they have developed over their bodies at such an early age. We realize that motivating children of this age to do their best means making karate a fun and rewarding experience. This is key to building up important mental and physical skills that will help them in all areas of their lives.




Little Dragon Class Schedule
All Ranks Classes
Monday & Wednesday: 4:15pm

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A Typical Class

Stretching / Exercise

This helps to prepare students for Karate training by developing strength, fitness and flexibility.

Strength / Conditioning Games

After the warm-up, students take part in various games such as races and skill contests.

Basic Karate Moves

This is the core part of the class. Students learn and practice fundamental movements like blocks, kicks and punches. Because children in the Pee-Wee age range of 3 to 6 have bones and joints that are relatively soft and still forming, most of the techniques taught are linear and flowing, as opposed to the hard, rapid movements that characterize training for older children and adults.

Distance and Balance Training

Students learn to improve their balance and distance from an object by focusing their punches and kicks on our specially made Pee-Wee kicking shields and focus pads. Not surprisingly, this is a popular part of the class!

Self Defense and Awareness

This is integrated into most of the class but we do specifically study and review safety rules in class, including the following:

·Never leave home without notifying your parents.

·Never talk to strangers.

·Never accept anything from strangers.

·Do not respond if a stranger calls them by name.

·Never get into a stranger’s car.

·Never allow a stranger to get close enough to grab them.

·Teaching them the importance of 911 and their own home

phone number.

End of Class

Usually we end with something fun like an obstacle course (great for balance and motor skill development), Tug of War, Sensei says (our version of Simon says), horse-stance leapfrog, and more.

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